What is the music scene like at Canoegrass?

We have a robust music scene at Canoegrass thanks to Wagner Subaru! You will find music everywhere; around campfires, next to the lake and other fun places.  Some will be scheduled, some will not!  We encourage all of you to help build the scene and jam everywhere you find the inspiration.

2018 Lineup Coming soon! It is a humdinger. Schedule subject to change

NEW this year are two lake front stages that we plan to alternate back and forth reducing the time between acts. One stage will be on a hay wagon and the other will be on a deck in front of the Tomfoolery Outdoors van. This is what everyone will be talking about at Canoegrass!  Rent a tube, hang in your canoe, lounge in your chair or bring your inflatable to float on the lake. Canoegrassers have a reputation for creativity. Cool off during these shows as the August heat will be in full force!  Float around with friends enjoy the best performers from our region.

Tomfoolery Camper Stage:

  • Home to our Thursday welcome concert and other spontaneous pickin’


Wagner Subaru Wagon Stage:

  • Home of the Friday and Saturday acts that includes some of the best bluegrass and roots performers in our region.
  • Friday lineup features: TBA
  • Saturday lineup features: TBA

Tomfoolery Outdoors Van Stage:

  • Friday lineup features:
  • Saturday lineup features:

 Pick and Grin Everywhere at Canoegrass!

  • Between acts we encourage you to grab your friends, your instruments and hop on the Tomfoolery Camper Stage or gather around the campfire and start pickin’. We will do the grinnin’!
  • We ask impromptu performances to end when the action begins on one of our stages.

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