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We brought back some of your Canoegrass favorites and mix in a few new acts.

THURSDAY LINEUP – August 2, 2018

9:30 pm – Welcome Concert: Blood Moon Trio

We kick off Canoegrass in style on Thursday night this year with a welcome concert to launch Thursday night festivities are available ONLY to those with weekend tickets. $25 fee allows you first access to our camping areas, an intimate welcome show and other tomfoolery surprises. Those who joined us Thursday night last year will agree that you should take off work Friday and get the festival started early!


FRIDAY LINEUP – August 3, 2018 (Schedule Subject to Change)

Take a peek at our lineup and make plans for a memorable weekend. We are opening earlier this year! Take the Friday off work and enjoy more music, time on the water and more time to relax at camp.


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Open Mic

New this year! We are offering three 15 minute sets for emerging solo artists at 12:30 pm and 1 pm. This is a great chance to show us what you got and kick off the event in style. Solo folk, americana, bluegrass artists only and a weekend ticket is required to participate. Contact Tom Helbig at 937-417-2228 or

2 pm – California Howdy – Dayton, OH California Howdy

Casey Abbott, Scott Cumpston, Rob Spahr, Max Nunery, Kelsey Young and Dan Abbott. Creating feel- good echo sounds for your ear hole.

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4 pm – The Goldsberrys – Columbus, OHGoldsberrys

BIO: The Goldsberrys is an acoustic duo focused on old-timey bluegrass and original tunes, spiced with folk and jamgrass. We love playing as a duo, but also very grateful for our many talented musical friends who add various elements to our sound, to form The Goldsberrys.

Goldsberrys Social Media – Facebook

6 pm: Flatland Harmony Experiment – Indianapolis, IN Flatland Harmony Experiment

Flatland Harmony Experiment is a high octane three piece vocally driven string band from Indianapolis Indiana. Flatland Harmony Experiment dances with a single large diaphragm condenser microphone to share their music with audiences. FHE’s music and stage show drips with intensity and passion and it is easy to tell they love what they do. The trio trades lead vocal and lead instrumental responsibilities through a large and diverse original musical pallet. The instrumental mix of mandolin, banjo and upright bass allows ample space for musical experimentation and expression. Song craft is very important to FHE. Stylistically you can expect Flatland Harmony Experiment’s original music to flow from tunes that echo the founding roots of bluegrass to progressive gypsy and all places in between. Conscious lyrics, a thread of harmony, and instrumental virtuosity permeates all of the original music of the Flatland Harmony Experiment. This band dares to be labeled simply as bluegrass or americana.

Since its beginnings in 2011 the Flatland Harmony Experiment has played over 1000 dates to enthusiastic audiences numbering into the thousands for people all across the country. FHE was excited to be given the very high honor of being selected as a finalist in the 2013 40th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition. This allowed FHE to play for thousands on the main stage of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. In 2016 FHE was also honored to support Bernie Sanders for his downtown Indianapolis rally to a crowd of 8000 enthusiastic supporters.

In five years FHE has earned a large audience with their music. Flatland Harmony Experiment has had over 1000 downloads from radio programmers around the globe supporting their three original recordings and physical sales of recordings number well into the thousands as well. 2016 looks to keep the band moving. FHE rigorously continues to play 100’s of dates across the country and with key festival performances including the John Hartford Memorial Festival, the Frankfort Bluegrass Festival, and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. FHE is also wrapping up their third full length studio project and expects to release and begin tour support for the project in the spring.

The Flatland Harmony Experiment is:
Scott Nelson on upright bass
Kris Potts on Mandolin
Johnny Plott on Banjo

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8:30 pm: Woody Pines – Nashville, TN   Woody Pines

If you’re wondering where the music of Nashville troubadour WOODY PINES comes from, look to the streets. It was on the streets as a professional busker that Woody first cut his teeth, drawing liberally from the lost back alley anthems and scratchy old 78s of American roots music, whether country blues, jugband, hokum, or hillbilly. Heavy rollicking street performances are the key to some of today’s best roots bands, like Old Crow Medicine Show (Woody and OCMS’ Gill Landry used to tour the country in their own jugband), and they’re the key
to Woody’s intensely catchy rhythms, jumpy lyrics, and wildly delirious sense of fun. Woody traveled all over the streets of this country, road testing
his songs, drawing from the catchiest elements of the music he loved and adding in hopped-up vintage electrification to get that old country dancehall sound down right.
That’s why the songs on his new self-titled release WOODY PINES (released May 28 on underground label Muddy Roots Recordings) are so hot. This is gonzo folk music, the kind of raise-the-rafters, boot-shakin’ jump blues that used to be banging out of juke joints all over the South in the late 1940s, but now it’s burning into the earholes of a younger generation of Nashville kids, all looking for music with deep roots and something to hang on to.
It’s tempting to call Woody Pine’s newest music “rockabilly,” and in fact he recorded the new album at Sputnik Studios in Nashville, famous for recording rockabilly and psych-twang heroes JD McPherson, Jack White,
and Sturgill Simpson. But it might be more accurate to call Woody’s new songs “hillbilly boogie;” a rarely remembered genre of American music made famous by the Delmore Brothers. Hillbilly boogie sits at the exact moment when the buzzed- out, electrified hillbilly country music of Appalachia (which itself drew heavily from country blues), first hit the sawdust-floored honky-tonks of old Nashville and Memphis. It was the moment exactly before the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Woody writes with
a wink to this critical time on songs like “Anything for Love” and “New Nashville Boogie,” drawing in modern references at will to make his points. He also dives deep into the tradition, drawing up gems like the old gangsta- folk song “Make It to the Woods”
from the Mississippi Sheiks. In Woody’s music, there’s never an idea that roots music should be a recreation of an older time. Instead, he taps the vein
of this music that’s still beating today, finding common ground with the old hucksters and bar-hounds who created the music in the first place.
When Woody Pines sings “when the train rolls by, I get a faceful of rain,” this isn’t some hipster dilettante twisting a faux-handlebar mustache and singing about old-timey railroads, this is a dedicated student of Woody Guthrie who used to hop freight trains to get from town to town. This is serious roots music that’s as much a way of life as an aesthetic choice. This music isn’t for dabblers; you gotta feel it in your bones. 

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10:30 pm –  The Repeating Arms– Miamisburg, OH

The Repeating Arms

Max Nunery and Harold Hensley Met in 2012. They were introduced by a mutual friend and set out on a musical journey to create a sonic, folk and dance project. After song writing began they quickly slid down the slope to creating something more acoustic and roots driven. After putting an add on Craigslist for an upright bass player Chip Pritchard answered the add. Chip coming from a long musical history, playing in more traditionally based bluegrass groups, brought a brand new element to the table.Song writing continued and found its way even further into the soil looking for roots. The three worked up several songs and eventually picked 5 to be released on the 2012 release “Early Drive Ep”. This Ep ranged from sleepy folk and roots rock to ballads and a bit of newgrass. In July 2012 they were looking to expand their sound even more and called up a friend to fill the voids on mandolin and fiddle. Brian Spirk came into the rehearsals with guns blazing, bringing an even deeper taste of traditional playing. Brian Spirk having a long musical background in traditional music has opened one more door for The Repeating Arms. The four piece string special are currently playing a festival or venue near you.

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SATURDAY LINEUP – AUGUST 4, 2018 (Subject to Change)

There will be plenty of jamming taking place around camp, on the river and our canoe jam here areas.  Our schedule includes five performers to keep us jamming all day long and into the night

10:30 am – Open Mic @ Wagner Subaru Wagon Stage

New this year! We are offering three 15 minute sets for emerging solo artists at 10:30 am, 11:00 am and 11:30 am. This is a great chance to show us what you got and see if you can wake up Canoegrassers. Solo folk, americana, bluegrass artists only and a weekend ticket is required to participate. Contact Tom Helbig at 937-417-2228 or

Noon  – Erika Hughes and the Well Mannered – Columbus, OH

High Water Drifters

Erika Hughes & The Well Mannered is an original Americana band from Columbus, Ohio with roots in rock’n’roll, bluegrass, and country. Though typically not well-mannered; the band has created a timeless sound that is authentic, and irresistible. The band’s gorgeous and gritty harmonies, swift guitar licks, and bass slapping grooves give way to an old timey feel that is hard not to love. Erika writes songs that are honest and connect with the joys and heartaches of life; while the band serves up an unprocessed, energetic performance with southern rock flavor and a side of country fried.

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3 pm – The Coal Cove Hollow Boys – Southeastern Hills of Ohio   Coal Cove Hollow Boys

Band Members

Thomas Adams- Mandolin and Vocals
Lincoln Mash- Guitar and Vocals
Pete Mendenhall- Upright Bass
Jason Cochenour- Banjo and Fiddle

The Coal Cave Hollow Boys come from the foot hills of Appalachia bringing traditional bluegrass to a new generation.

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5 pm – Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle – Cincinnati, OH 

Buffalo Wabs and the Price Hill Hustle

Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle is a Cincinnati based, 4 piece Americana/Folk band that blends the tradition of heroes like Woody Guthrie and Mississippi John Hurt w/ contemporary flavor. In its short existence, the band has grown its fan base by getting out in front of folks. Whether it’s the great variety of local shows or their regional touring, they always bring high energy onto every stage on which they perform.

Buffalo Wabs (aka Matt Wabnitz) spearheads this group, playing guitar and taking most of the vocal duties. Casey Campbell, Ian Mathieu, and Scott Risner comprise The Price Hill Hustle side of the equation. The group is deeply rooted in the tradition of Old Time pioneers; however, the energy they bring to a live performance could burn down the rowdiest honky-tonk in town.

Their strong repertoire of original music written, composed and combined by all members of the band are what sets them apart from the average traditional bluegrass ensemble. Their unique vocals that are accompanied with harmonies of the highs and lows are the only parts of their songs that give their fingers pause from the fast picking solos and instrumentation. They are tight and dynamic with an “In-your-face” style of playing fast and fluent, one song into the next

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8 pm – The Devil Doves  – Columbus, OH 

DovesThe Devil Doves are riding the success of their self-titled debut record, released on the DIY label Mingo Town Music, and are branching out from their usual garage sale and grocery store gig. Fronted by Junior Kauffman’s rough vocals and insightful lyrics, and backed the uptempo and aggressive styles of Kyle “Headband” Davis on the cajon and Rico “Thunderstorm” Nassau on the bass, the Devil Doves have become a favorite within the Columbus scene. With the addition of Jeff “Pretty Fingers” Straw on the keys and the occasional guest appearance of So Long Stargazer’s Kristin Green on backing vocals, the double D’s continue to build a fan base throughout Ohio and beyond with their energetic live performances and creative songwriting.

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10:15 pm:  Blue Caboose – Cincinnati, OH 

blue cabooseThey have quickly become favorites of Canoegrass nation and they will close out the weekend on the Camp Stage. Blue Caboose is an original folk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Beginning in 2011, they spent a year developing their fun and unique stage show, and by the summer of 2012 had found themselves as busy as popcorn on a skillet. Their first album, Modern Limited was released in August of 2012, and within one year, has sold nearly 1000 copies. Blue Caboose is on a mission to get everyone smiling, dancing, singing along, clapping your hands and stomping your feet. They are a perfect fit for Canoegrass as their songs remind us all of their favorite things; The Ohio River Valley, trains, rivers, mountains, farmland, lakes, hiking, canoeing, good food, blue skies and family. Head to camp appreciating the simple pleasures in a world overstimulated with high tech gadgets and machinery.

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