How much does it cost?

Canoegrass strives to provide a one of a kind experience at a competitive price. Our prices are similar to a state park camping weekend. BUT, you will get so much more.  Canoegrass is an emotional experience for many. The outpouring of love and positivity leaves no one walking away from the event disappointed. As you will see our pricing rewards those who want to spend the weekend, purchase tickets early and ride your bike to the event. Kids 14 and under are free with an adult ticket! Tickets are NON REFUNDABLE. Weekend tickets ONLY! No single day admission. You may come and go as you please and sleep in your own bed if camping isn’t for you! Gates will close:

  • Entrance gates are closed Thursday 8 pm to Friday 11 am, Friday 11 pm – Saturday 9:30 am, Saturday 10 pm – Sunday 9 am

Event Passes

Fees include two nights camping and access to facilities/programming at Masters Outdoor Retreat including live music, happy hours, swimming, canoe jousting, sand volleyball, playground and more. We have added a Thursday night option this year  for $30 that provides early access to camping areas, happy hour, welcome concert and night time blob bouncing and ziplining.

Ticket Sales are NOW open! Visit ticket link and get yours today.

Tickets are cheaper on line and the prices will go up if you wait. Youth 14 and under are free. 300 tickets will be sold this year! Purchase today! Weekend ticket pricing includes Friday and Saturday camping. Thursday early access is an additional fee. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • $70 Jan 14 – February 4 (price goes to next tier after 50 sold)
  • $75 February 5 – March 4
  • $80 March 5 – April 1
  • $85 April 2 – May 6
  • $90 May 7 – June 10
  • $92.50 June 11 – July 8
  • $95 July 9 – July 22
  • $97.50 July 23 – July 31
  • $100 at the gate if available
  • Ride your bicycle and camp at the festival and we will give you $20 cash back on your festival admission. That is a huge increase in our incentives from previous years at Canoegrass. The first mode of travel to the festival counts as your entry fee. You MUST carry your camping gear on your bicycle or in your backpack.
  • $10 parking fee per vehicle. Avoid this charge and carpool. We raised prices on parking to encourage carpooling and help us keep parking organized properly. Please DO NOT drive to Canoegrass by yourself unless it is absolutely necessary. Our parking fee is also a donation to a local non-profit organization that brings good vibes to the world.

Ticket Sales are NOW open! Visit ticket link and get yours today.

$10 per person daily use of the zip-line and blob during scheduled hours (Friday or Saturday). $15 per person for both days

$30 Thursday Ticket: Available only for those with a weekend ticket. Provides first access to camping areas, welcome show, happy hour  and use of lake zipline and blob. Thursday entry is payable at the gate.

Bring your own instrument and anything that floats on water to get more value by helping us grow the music and paddling community in Southwest Ohio.  We want music everywhere! On the lake, around the campfire and in the campground.  With this scene all will walk away with a one of a kind experience and the feeling their money was well spent.