Canoegrass Outdoor Event

Bluegrass, Camping & Boat loads of Fun!

Canoegrass is a playing in the water, laughing with friends kind of bluegrass festival and campout. Canoegrass is returning for its 8th year in 2022! We are stoked to build on the positive energy at Masters Outdoor Retreat established during the last two years. This private property near Sidney, OH offers something for everyone. Our signature water scene stays alive on this 11 acre property. It features a 2 acre pond, lake zipline, blob, sand volleyball court, and playground. It is conveniently located 45 miles north of Dayton, OH – just minutes west of Interstate 75 in Houston, OH.

This isn’t your ordinary festival. It is a backyard party where you get wet, wild, stomp your feet and splash your friends all weekend long. Bring a friend and a cooler and come camp at our annual summertime reunion at Masters Outdoor Retreat.

Mother Stewart’s Brewing

Canoegrass at Mothers


This is a Canoegrass takeover like no other in history! We are bringing our festive vibe to Mom’s house. In this case, Mother Stewarts Brewing Company. The evening will feature a full night of music including a jam session led by Harold Hensley Music, Cassandra Barker and Sleepy Andy Tracy with a closing set by The Yarnspinners from Ludlow Falls, OH.
Bring your floaties, beach chairs, swimsuits, and most importantly your friends and help us transform the brewery into a Canoegrass frenzy. There will be kiddie pools to cool off in on a hot summer night in Springfield. No peeing in the pool.

Weekend Highlights include:

We offer many ways to get adventurous at Canoegrass or you can just chill in your float! Drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen either way. Explore the options!



Our festival is welcoming to everyone regardless of age, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, etc. We do not tolerate any discriminatory behavior, signage, clothing or messaging that is opposing to this view. Our festival is not the place for anything other than love and good vibes. We like to keep it simple. Everyone who attends Canoegrass should come with a spirit of love and assume good intentions. Our festival guests are happy folks 99% of the time. Please avoid being a part of the 1% category. Bottomline, negative behavior will not be tolerated.



We’re hoping you’ll join us in the spirit of our producer, Tomfoolery Outdoors, who
reminds us all to play outside, smile and try to make a positive difference in the world.
Many of our favorite summer camp style activities return with a few new surprises.

Tons of activities to discover, see what exciting adventures we've got at Canoegrass!!!

Canoegrass Music

Live Music
All weekend

At Canoegrass, you’ll find music everywhere—around campfires, at the Wagner Subaru Lakefront stage, and even on the lake! We are adding daily floating concerts on our giant SOL Paddleboards this year thanks to The Brightside Music & Event Venue. You can expect to hear some scheduled performances—but don’t be surprised if someone breaks into song spontaneously. Our Open Mic stage is ready for you to show us what you got! We encourage all of you to help create a thriving music scene by jamming wherever you find the inspiration.



We call ourselves Canoegrassers! A fun-loving, adventurous, playful, accepting
bunch of people that gather the first weekend of August each summer.