Camping At Canoegrass

Your ticket includes access to primitive TENT camp sites ONLY on a first come first served basis. Please keep sprawl to a minimum. Keep all belongings within a 15 x 15 space. Saving space for friends is NOT permitted. You must bring your own equipment. We offer camping around the festival lake and nearby grassy areas in field style unmarked sites

This year we added more musicians to each day to get even more value out of your ticket price.



Please note that you will have to park and carry your camping gear to ALL sites! NO
EXCEPTIONS. We will get you as close as possible to our main camping areas but be prepared to carry your gear up to 75 yards. Please only camp in designated areas!

Please note NO VEHICLES will be allowed in the festival camping areas. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Only musicians, event staff and food trucks will be permitted. Personal generators are not permitted. We recommend wheelbarrows, wagons, carts, backpacks, etc. to carry your gear or leave the stuff you don’t need at home. A courtesy team will be available to help you move gear with ATV’s and trailers, but not guaranteed. Be patient and we should be able to help.

A large community campfire is provided in the main festival area. You may bring an off the ground fire pit for individual campsites. Please dispose of ashes in the main bonfire at end of festival.

Camper Vans


Please note our gate will close each evening for the safety of all guests! No guests will be permitted to enter the festival during gate closures. Once you leave, you may only re-enter during open festival hours. We have drinking water, dish washing and portable restrooms on property. We do not have electric at any campsites.

At check in, you will receive bags for trash and recycling. Please help us keep the property and lake beautiful by sorting and disposing of your trash in appropriate dumpsters. Pick up after yourself and neighbors. Do not leave trash laying around your campsite at any point. Let’s all respect our environment and help our festival maintenance crew. Please use portable restrooms and avoid urinating or taking a crap around the festival site. You may not camp next to or in your vehicle in the main festival parking lot. You must purchase a small RV/Camper/Van campsite. 30 ft x 30 ft spaces are available for an additional fee.

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Camper Vans

Camper/Small RV/Van Ticket – $150 PER SITE

A very limited supply of retro camper/vans/small RV weekend tickets will be available. Campers/vehicle must fit in a 30 feet x 30 feet space. 25 primitive sites are available. No electric, water hookups or dump services are provided. One vehicle permitted per space. Individuals must also purchase a festival ticket.

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